DBC: Eight Questions

 Eight Questions to help you walk through the change process 

(by David Powlison) 

1. What happens to you that brings pressure, temptation, trouble, beguilement? When, where, and with whom do you struggle? In other words, what is the significant context, situation, or circumstance that pushes your buttons? 

2. How are you reacting? What do you typically do? Thoughts, words, actions, emotions, choices, relationships? How are you tempted to react? 

3. What rules you, hijacks your heart, replaces God as the chief object of your affections and focus of attention? I want___? I fear___? I functionally believe___? I trust___? What are your ‘buttons’? 

4. What are the consequences and ripple effects? How do your reactions affect relationships, work life, mood, finances, situation, health, etc.? 

5. Who is God – relevant to this struggle? What does He say? What does He promise? What does He do? His person, words, and actions intend to enter, address, and change how you see your situation, how you react, and the reasons for your reactions. 

6. Respond to God from the heart. Stop. Listen. Ponder. Turn. Trust. Come. Seek. Ask. Talk. Transact with Him. How will you have a candid, intelligent, pointed conversation with God? 

7. Respond constructively into your situation. Speak. Act. Do. Don’t do. Choose. How will you show intelligent love for others (the opposite of every sin)? 

8. What are the consequences? How do God (#5) and faith (#6) and love (#7) create ripple effects in relationships, work life, mood, finances, situation, health, etc.?