TCC Webinar 2: Walking as Depressed

  • Note: This internal webinar is open only for TCC members who have attended the Webinar 1: Introduction to Depression.
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Dear friends, 

You are receiving this email because you have registered for Depression Webinar 2.  

I’m very thankful for another opportunity to gather around this topic with you, to reflect on it together safely as God’s people in light of the gospel. Previously, I covered the Experience of Depression, the Cause of Depression, and Where Scripture Leads the Depressed. In Webinar 2, I’m hoping to focus on thinking through together how it looks like for Christians to live with depression. In other words, for Christians who have a firm conviction of the gospel but find yourselves suffering from depression and feeling down – how could you live each day, what could you expect?

Unlike the first webinar, the following ones will be lighter. The session will only be an hour long. Most of the time will be spent engaging the pre-webinar readings, and your questions surrounding this topic. On the panel, I’ll be joined by Vivian, Olivia and Delwyn whom some of you have met in Webinar 1. 

Pre-Webinar Readings

  • The 1st reading is an online article by Ed Welch, ‘Hope for the Depressed’. I chose this article to raise issues concerning the spiritual aspect of depression for us to reflect and discuss.
  • The 2nd reading includes a few pages from Mark Meynell’s ‘When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend’. Mark shares candidly and gives us glimpses of how walking as depressed looks like for him. 
  • As you read, do take note of 1) what you agree/disagree with, found helpful/unhelpful? 2) what further thoughts and questions have they stirred up for you concerning walking as the depressed?

Webinar Readings

  1. Reflection on Meynell
  2. Reflection on Welch’s Hope for the Depressed’
  3. Devotion on 1Kings19:4-16 by Delwyn Goh

Post-Webinar Materials