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TCC 6-months 5 Sessions Formal Guided Program Post-MPW

  • 5 Weekly Components:
    • Pre-Session Reflection & Journaling
    • In-Session Ice-breaker: Build friendship between couples
    • In-Session Couple Time: Cultivate godly habits in couples
    • In-Session Group Time: Build godly partnership between couples
    • Post-Session Practice, Journaling, Confession & Prayer (Thomas, 76)
  • Session 1: Knowing Self & Spouse
    • Aim: This session teaches the couples how to study themselves to grow in self-awareness. It also leads couples to devote time to study each other. We want to know ourself because `the heart loves, will chooses, mind justifies’ (Powlison). And we want to know our spouse because ‘God knows us by name’ (Witmer)
    • Ice-breaker: How did you meet? What attracted? Proposal story?
    • Topic: How well do you know your desires, buttons, rawspots (Parrott, 43, 63); How well do you know your spouse (Condie, 15)
    • Exercise: Welch’s X-Ray diagram
  • Session 2: Know in order Love & Serve, Not Hurt
    • Aim: This session continue to lead couples to grow in knowing themselves and their spouse focusing on each other’s family baggage and conflict style. The emphasis is that we study and know each other deeply not in order to hurt, but to love and serve each other. Humility leads us to own our destructive style and fuels a desire to grow in confession and prayer.
    • Ice-breaker: Smallest or biggest thing you fought over?
    • Topic: Family Baggage (Parrott, 23) & Conflict Style (Parrott, 114 & Gottman)
  • Session 3: Know in order Rejoice & Build Up, Not Change
    • Aim: This session guides couples to rejoice in their differences and acknowledge our sinful desire to change our spouse into our own image instead of Christ’s (Tripp)
    • Ice-breaker: How are you similar/different? Interest? Habits?
    • Topic: Love Language (Parrott, 86)
    • Exercise: Identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and love language.
  • Session 4: Know in order Change Myself Not My Spouse
    • Aim: Marriage as a laboratory to practice and cultivate love.
    • Ice-breaker: What are some house rules you grew you with?
    • Topic: My 10 Commandments (Parrott, 15)
  • Session 5: Know to in order Cherish
    • Aim:
    • Ice-breaker: When do people around us talk about sex? What makes it hard for Christians to talk about sex?
    • Topic: Sex (Parrott, 31)
    • Exercise: Closer, A Realistic Book About Intimacy for Christian Marriages by Adrian & Celia Reynolds
  • Miscellaneous Notes
    • One A4 Summary Instruction for each Session.
    • Men-Women Breakout Time
    • ‘Class Monitor’ System for 18-months Phase
    • Local church context allows ‘life-long’ mentoring
    • Stay-Home mums
    • Confirmed mentors: 1) Ronald & Aitee 2) Aiping & Linda 3) Kenneth & Vivian 4) Charles & Chayleng 5) Edwin & Chayleng 6) Binh Soo & Mabel