Mental Health News


  • Learn How to let go when you are ‘let go’ by Zhaki Abdullah, 25Jun
  • Anxiety, depression could be costing Singapore’s GDP almost $16b a year by Natasha Ann Zachariah, 12Jun
  • Let’s not be too anxious about anxiety: Some psychologists think we talk about the emotion the wrong way by Jemima Kelly, 25May
  • Some S’porean youth missed 24 days of school in past year due to depression, anxiety: Study by Shermaine Ang, 19May
  • 40% drop in depressive, anxiety sumptoms among students who confided in peers online: NUS study by Syarafana Shafeeq, 19April
  • Anxious? You’re not alone: More Singaporeans seek help for anxiety by Akshita Nanda, 15March22
  • Don’t let anxiety hurt your heart: Doctors see more people with heart palpitations by Amrita Kaur, 15March22