ETCA: CM9 & GM2g

Lecture 3

The Experience of Depression

  1. Good place to Start for Strugglers & Supporters.
  2. What is the Experience of Depression like?
  3. Depression Entangles with your Spiritual Life.
  4. ‘You’re artificially being pushed down’.

The Cause of Depression

  1. Depression is Multi-factorial.
  2. Common question: Is depression physiological?
  3. Spiritual Causes of Depression?
  4. ‘We can love without knowing the exact cause’.
  5. Is Depression Sinful? Is Depression Spiritual?

Where Scripture Leads the Depressed

  1. Depression itself is not Sin – It’s Suffering.
  2. Reassuring Posture – God’s near (Ps.118:6, Phi. 4:5-6)
  3. The Faint-hearted & the Weak (1The. 5:14)

Lecture 4

<Conflict Video: Black Widow & Kylo Ren>
<Conflict Video: Workplace>
<Conflict Video: Kitchen>