Webinar 3: Walking WITH the Depressed

  • Note: This internal webinar is open only for TCC members who have attended the Webinar 1: Introduction to Depression.
The Emotional Turmoil behind Picasso's Blue Period - Artsy

Dear friends, 

In February, we’ve another opportunity to reflect on D&A safely together as God’s people in light of the gospel.

In our introductory Webinar 1, we touched on the Experience of Depression, the Cause of Depression, and Where Scripture Leads the Depressed. In Webinar 2, Delwyn shared a short devotion from 1 Kings19, and we considered together how it looks like for Christians to live with depression. In Webinar 3: Walking with the Depressed, we will focus on how to love and care for those suffering D&A well. I’ve benefitted a lot from these pre-webinar homework (below). I trust that you will too.

Webinar 3 will be on 21 February at 8pm. The session will be 1 hour long. Most of the time will be spent engaging the homework, and your questions surrounding the topic. So it’s important that you complete your homework beforehand. Submitting your questions during registration will also help us shape the discussion more relevantly for you. You can register here.

Pre-Webinar Readings

Post-Webinar References

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