One Student’s Testimony

What was your impression of DBC? How did it turn out? 
I wasn’t sure what to expect of DBC when I first signed up as all I knew of it was that it was a self-counselling unit. Intellectually, I was interested to learn a Christian framework for counselling and addressing mental health struggles. However, when it came to having to first apply it to myself, there was equal parts trepidation for what it would uncover, but also anticipation for how God would use it to grow me. DBC turned out far better than I expected, and I have grown so much personally in my walk with God, and relationally in my understanding of others. As a Psychology student, it has also been paradigm shifting seeing how complete and lasting scripture’s response is to mental health struggles, in contrast to secular solutions that are ultimately limited and temporal.

How has DBC helped you grow as a Christian?
Personally, DBC has grown me in two major ways. First, it has given me a much deeper understanding of suffering, especially in my own life. It’s taught me, how to lament. Particularly that even in knowing and submitting to God and his sovereignty I can come freely before Him because He is close, He loves me dearly, and He invites me to honestly cry out to Him. Second, I’ve been humbled as God has made me more aware of my sin and need for him. The gospel was made so beautifully and practically clear in my life as I was convicted of sin and pride in areas where I thought my main need was God’s help in suffering. I had completely not anticipated this but am so thankful for how God has used DBC to sanctify me. It helped me deal with long-standing resentment and that I struggled with and I knew was sinful but couldn’t get over, which in turn has helped my walk with God. Relationally, it has given me more breadth and nuance in understanding the struggles of those around me and their responses. How outwardly sinful behaviour can stem from many different root causes, and likewise how a single root (e.g., fear of man) might lead to so many possible outward behaviours. I’ve grown in my compassion for others who suffer and are fellow sinners like me.

Who should consider DBC and why?
DBC has been such a blessing to me and I honestly think that everyone would benefit in some way from doing it. However, I would most recommend it to those interested in gaining a better understanding of sin and suffering and how it affect us, and to those who are inadvertently faced with others’ suffering but feel ill equipped for it (e.g., CGLs). It gives such a comprehensive framework for understanding these things, where God fits in the picture, and how scripture both convicts, comforts, and moves us towards Him as he sanctifies us.