TCC Deacons ‘First-Aid’ Training Resources Compilation

Role of Congregational Deacons

  • Support the Congregational pastors in Congregation specific practical & [pastoral] areas?
  • Shock Absorber: Acting as a front-liner for urgent practical issues in church (e.g. sudden bereavement, marital conflict); engaging and mobilising church members to meet the practical and pastoral need; connecting needs to appropriate pastoral attention.  
  • Support to CGLs: Provide guidance and support for CGLs when they need help in dealing with CG specific issues (e.g. conflict, bereavement, chronic sickness, marital issues, mental health-related issues)
  • Caring for staff in the congregation?

Case Scenarios:

  • ‘Ben just shared with me that he

(1) Conflict

(2) Grief

(3) Chronic Sickness & Caregiving

(4) Marriage

  • Conflict
  • Infertility
  • Intimacy

(5) ‘Mental Health’

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Addiction (porn, online gaming)
  • Anger

(6) Organising Love