Case Studies

  • Grieving Grace

Grace recently lost her mom to cancer. Soon after retirement, the seemingly healthy and active Christian lady was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After few months of chemo treatment, she died last week – less than a year after diagnosis. She is survived her husband and her only child, Grace. While Grace finds comfort in mom being a believer, she is grieving by the sudden loss – she was very close to her mom.

  • Depressed Danny

Danny relocated recently from Auckland to Singapore for work. This is the first time is away from his family and church. For 6 months, he finds it hard adjusting to the new work culture, and struggles with making new friends in a big church. His diet and sleep routine hasn’t been great. He has started seeing a psychiatrist and a counsellor, was diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants. Though difficult, he can still function at work and move around.

  • Hospitalised Horace

Horace’s wife is pregnant and expecting to deliver any time soon. One Sunday afternoon after church, Horace ruptured his Archilles tendon in basketball game. Horace is admitted to prepare for surgery the next day. He has to stay a night for observation post-surgery and will be on crutches for at least the next 6-8 weeks.

  • Marriage-Conflicted Maggie

Maggie shared recently that her marriage to Colin hasn’t been in a good place for a while. At the beginning they still raised their resentment and issues to each other, even though there was hardly resolution. But now they have both ‘given up’ and not fight anymore. They busy themselves with work and hardly talk to each other, except for logistical arrangements around family affairs. There is no emotional connection, and she is considering divorce.

  • Same-sex Attracted Stan

Stan became a Christian in secondary school through a friend who eventually brought him to church where the Lord grew Stan in conviction. He is an encouraging member of a local church where he serves regularly. As Stan got exposed to Christians’ discussion LGBTQ, he slowly came to understand the homosexual feelings he experienced since young. One day, he shared with you he’s gay and that he feels  ‘utterly, eerily, helplessly lonely and isolated’.

  • Addicted Andy

Andy shared privately with you that he has been struggling with porn addiction since high school, when he accessed internet porn regularly. There were porn-free periods, especially after he became a Christian in university. In fact, he remained porn-free many years into his marriage. However, last year when he experienced great work pressure, felt disconnected with his wife, frustrated with parenting – he turned to porn, and it has been unabating since.

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