Understand Anxiety: From Our Personal Experience of it


  • Will I be retrenched? Am I performing? Do I have a future here?
  • What will my superiors / team / clients think of me?
  • I can’t let the team down. The project may fail because of me.


  • Will I get dementia? Cancer? Stroke?
  • What if I get Alzheimer’s and die not recognising my loved ones?
  • Do I have enough health coverage?
  • How about my parents, my children, my loved ones’ health?


  • Will I have enough to retire?
  • Are my savings / investment portfolios safe?
  • What if I fall for a scam and lose all I have?
  • Will I still afford this lifestyle? Will I survive this spiking inflation?

Relationships & People

  • How am I going to face him / her again after this?
  • What if I don’t get pick for the team?
  • Will I ever find a spouse? Will he /she be faithful?
  • What if I mess and they will think I’m stupid and weird?
  • Will my children turn out ok? Will they be Christian?


  • Will the cruise / flight / drive be safe?
  • Will my children / campers / recruits be in good hands?
  • Will Putin start WW3? Will global warming destroy us?
  • Is the place clean & sanitised?
  • Will it happen again like the last time?

Christian Life & Ministry

  • Will the study tonight go well? Have I prepared enough?
  • How will our CG won’t survive this split / 2024 plant?
  • Will my friends / colleagues / loved ones ever come to faith?
  • Am I really a Christian? Have they really grasped the gospel?

Chat: What are the people around you anxious over?

Think: What makes you anxious? List the common butterflies you have in your stomach.

  • Focus & Work harder (“I’ll gonna have to science the shi* out of this”)
  • Escape / Distract (Avoid, Netflix, Games, Runner’s high, Alcohol)
  • Disrupted Sleep (Can’t fall asleep / return to sleep)
  • Compulsive Rituals (Hand washing, Re-checking, Packing, Ordering)
  • Panic (Heart palpitation, Hyper-ventilate, Churning stomach, Sweaty palms)
  • Camouflaged as Anger & Frustration
  • Others?

Chat: What do you do? How do you typically respond?