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The way that you counsel other people is determined by how you understand God, yourself, other people, life’s pressures, and change. This course addresses the depth, breadth, and balance of your understanding. How does Christ’s past grace, present grace, and future grace speak to our hearts and change how we live our daily lives? This course is about people. It is about how we face the troubles of life. It is about how we deal with our inner struggles. It is about how we change into Jesus’ image. Through case studies, class lectures, assigned readings, and Scripture, you’ll explore these practical questions. Self-counseling projects will help you to make first-hand, practical application of the concepts learned in class.

Sample Lecture: Dynamics of Biblical Change

Sample Lecture 1

DBC Self-Counselling Project

How has your life been shaped by teaching Dynamics of Biblical Change?

How have you seen your students grow in the Dynamics of Biblical Change class?

Who would you consider “ideal” to take CCEF courses?