Walking with the Anxious: FAQ

How do I know when the anxiety if within ‘normal’ range, or when is it problematic and needs professional intervention?

  • Consider how intense is it, and how long does it last.
  • Is it preventing the person from engaging in daily activities?
  • Is it impeding them from taking healthy risks and engaging socially?

Should Christians practice mindfulness technique (e.g. 333 Rule) to manage anxiety?

  • Mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises helps to focus on the present. When I pay attention on my breathing, I’ll be brought back to the present.
  • When I’m back into the present, I’m able to pray. The present is the reality where God is there. I don’t live in the future hypothetical godless reality. When brought back to present reality I’m able to consider what it means to have a personal God who engages with me. I can call upon Him. I can remember what He said to me in His promises.
  • When I’m back into the present, I can participate in the present. I have obligations, responsibilities, and relationships God has put in front of me. It may be washing the dishes, helping the kids pack lunches, reading books to them, talking to my wife, watching a movie with my friends.
  • The movement of moving into the present, finding an anchor, calling upon God, engaging and participating in the present – I don’t extinguish anxiety but able to weather it, faithfully engaging God and His kingdom in the midst of it.