Establishing Biblical Counselling in TCC & Beyond

Clarifying ‘Biblical Counselling’?

  1. What is Biblical Counselling? | Steve Midgley
  2. Biblical Counselling: Is it Just for Spiritual Problems? | Welch
  3. Toward a Definition of a Essence of Biblical Counselling | Piper
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  7. What Questions does a Biblical Counsellor suggest we ask? | Powlison
  8. What is wrong with therapeutic approach to counselling? | Powlison

Counselling Services Frameworks


Starting Biblical Counselling

  1. Five Counselling Myths in the Church | Welch
  2. Ten Questions to Ask before Starting a Counselling Ministry in Your Church | Powlison
  3. An Interview with the Founders of Two Church-based Counselling Ministries | Gembola

Biblical Counselling in the Local Church

  1. Pastor: Equip Your People to Counsel Each Other | Welch
  2. Why We ‘Care’ instead of ‘Counsel’ One Another: | Robert Cheong
  3. More than Counselling: A Vision for the Entire Church | Lane
  4. Pastoral Care in a Growing Church: Bigger Boat or Better Boat | Farmer
  5. The Pastor & Counselling: The Basics of Shepherding Members in Need | Deepak Reju
  6. Large Church Pastoral Care: Personal Ministry that Transforms | Nelson & Mungo
  7. Leadership Training: Shepherding Leaders to Shepherd the Flock | Giles
  8. One Church’s Story | Lane & Tripp
  9. Some Thoughts on How to Provide Long Term Pastoral Care 1 | Lane
  10. Some Thoughts on How to Provide Long Term Pastoral Care 2 | Lane
  11. Speaking Truth in Love: Counselling in the Church | Powlison

What We Want/Don’t Want To Be