Webinar 1 Talks Outline

Talk 1: The Experience of Depression

  1. Good place to Start for Strugglers & Supporters.
  2. What is the Experience of Depression like?
  3. Depression Entangles with your Spiritual Life.
  4. ‘You’re artificially being pushed down’.

Talk 2: The Cause of Depression

  1. Depression is Multi-factorial.
  2. Common question: Is depression physiological?
  3. Spiritual Causes of Depression?
  4. ‘We can love without knowing the exact cause’.
  5. Is Depression Sinful? Is Depression Spiritual?

Talk 3: Where Scripture Leads the Depressed

  1. Depression itself is not Sin – It’s Suffering.
  2. Reassuring Posture – God’s near (Ps.118:6, Phi. 4:5-6)
  3. The Faint-hearted & the Weak (1The. 5:14)